Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Graphic Items on Off The Beaten Path Designs

Hey All, Tim just wanted me to pop on an announce the new graphic items we have on Off The Beaten Path Designs.

We are now offering mouse drawn clip art graphics and have some great packages available.

Just click on the photos to go see...

All about Candles clip art
Bath Time and Soaps Clip Art

Be sure to check back every once in a while to see all the new goodies
we will be working on. It is getting that time of year that we start working on Halloween items.

Our local festival / show is just around the corner and we are busy making new items for that as well.

Although I love Christmas, the spooky items are my favorites..

Be sure to check out also as our prim sisters have been working up a storm and really have some awesome items for sale right now.

Until next time,


Monday, June 29, 2009

Back In the Saddle Again, but For Long???

It has been over a year since I posted on my blog. I just can't believe how time flies now days.

It must be my age! The older I get the faster that old clock moves. Remember when you were a kid and summer vacation lasted forever? Or remember how long your 17th year took? I bet you thought your 18th birthday would never arrive. I think it happens somewhere around 35 that the hands on the clock start moving faster and the days never seem long enough.

A lot has happened for the family and business over the past year. Our oldest son graduated from high school with honors and will be attending Eastern Kentucky University in the fall. I can't begin to say how very proud we are of him. He of course will still be helping out with the business when needed.

We began hosting websites as well as doing graphics late last year. Our new hosting site is If you need affordable do it yourself type hosting, please check us out.

We moved Off The Beaten Path Designs to our own hosting and gave it an updated look. We still have all the types of things we had before. My health has been very poor and I haven't been able to sew much and with Tim running the business he hasn't had much time either so our Doll inventory is down. We hope to improve on that in the next coming months.

We do have some new web graphics and will be adding more auction templates as well. When you have a minute hop over to and peek at the new design and products.

We moved Olde Primitive Sisters Online Marketplace to our hosting as well and changed the format and look completely. We still have great vendors who offer their wonderful products and we have added some new vendors. All of them are so talented in what ever craft or art that they and I am always amazed at their offerings. Please drop by there and see what the gals have listed, I know you will just love it. If you are an artist or crafter looking for a reasonable place to sell your wares without having a full blown website, please stop in and check out what we can do for you.

I don't know how my health situation will go back hopefully I can chat a bit more frequently and keep this blog updated more.

To close I wanted to give you a preview of some things we have listed on Off The Beaten Path Designs. Just click the pic to be taken directly to the item.

New Web Set

Instant Printable - a you print gift cone box with recipe