Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pssst, Have you heard the news?

Good Day Folks!
As my title implies, I have news to share. Sharing it secretly seems the only way the word is going to be spread too! What is she blabbering on about, you ask?

Well, I am referring to the latest "improvements" that the eBay executive's are putting into place, effective March 31st. This change is going to affect hundreds, if not thousands of eBay sellers and some still do not know about it. The one's that do know have found out by someone going "Psst! Have you heard the latest?".

Thats right! No Mass emails letting their sellers know that on March 31st all digital listings in auction format, buy it now format, and store format will be in violation of the new policy and cancelled. What we did get, was a memo style note buried on the announcement board.

This change has effectively put me as well as most of my eBay seller friends out of business on eBay. I am talking about legitimate sellers too--not those trying to scam buyers out of a buck to increase their feedback. My friends and I offered real products like primitive e patterns delivered by automatic download or email, or web graphics and auction templates. All those selling any type of e books with recipes are gone too.

Up until recently, I was an avid eBay supporter, both as a buyer and as a seller. Not anymore. Lately, it has been more of a love, hate relationship, that has now ended in divorce.
For all of you that buy from eBay, if your favorite sellers disappear, start searching the web for them. EBay has forced many of us else where with all the new policy changes that supposedly protect the buyer. I guess that it is protection in a way. If you can't find any sellers then you can't buy anything, thus you are protected.

I am participating in the May boycott (neither buying or selling) and really have no plans to sell anything on eBay ever again!

Thanks for listening to all my ramblings about eBay.

I do have a couple new auction templates listed on my website. they work with several auction sites, not just eBay.

Below is a thumbnail preview of the template. You can click the link to visit my web site where I have it available.

I also want to invite you to visit one of my friends website. She is also trying to move from the eBay choke hold. Leslie is a great gal who does awesome work. If you see something you must have from her, tell her Bebe sent ya!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dipping my toes into the blogging pool! Is the water cold?

Good Day to All!
This is my very first entry into the blogging pool. I am a chicken and always wait for others to "test the waters" so to speak before I dip my toes into the pool. LOL! I see so many of my prim friends having fun, splashing around in the blogs that I thought it was time to dive in head first.

So where to begin? I have no idea! I mentioned to Lex, of NorthWind Star a month or so ago, that I just wasn't that interesting and couldn't imagine anyone being interested in reading about me plucking a chicken for dinner that night. OF course that got a good chuckle from her.

So I guess, my blogging days will consist of some of my daily routines, the chalenges and rewards of living and loving an autistic child, my rants over my frustrations with different things and my newest creations or those of my firends.

The world wide web has become the vehicle in which I now drive to visit with friends. I have made so many and consider some my family. I hope to introduce them to you and hope to meet many more onliners to add to my friends list.

Until tomorrow~